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Hello! My name is Melody Flores and I´m a Graphic designer who loves doing Photography. I´m from Mexico and currently living in Dubai.

Back there I had the opportunity to work together with my partner in our small photography studio, we devoted ourselves to making photo sessions all focused on social photography, weddings, family portraits, events and parties. Sometimes we were given the task of covering business events or doing product or concept photography.

At the same time, I worked as a graphic designer for an educational institution that has his own Art gallery. Most of my work involves editorial design and social event design. And also, I was the main photographer for that, every event that we have i was in charge to take photographic record of the pieces for the exposition, work whit the team to do the inventory, edit the pictures, and make the catalog for the exposition night. When we finish this part the next was keep working on the graphic image for both the exposition and the library, doing branding and editorial design.


Photography • Portrait / Product / Studio / Event •Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Illustration.